Did you know that the Philippines is the last country in Asia and only one of 3 countries in the world who still has a 10 year elementary and secondary school cycles?  The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 has mandated all schools in the Philippines to offer 12 years of schooling in order to provide quality education that is globally competitive at par with international standards as well as expand high school education for college preparation, vocational and technical career opportunities. 


In 2013-14, St. Paul University Surigao piloted the Senior High School Program to comply with recent education reform to improve schooling in the Philippines, said Sister Aileen, SHS Director of SPU Surigao.  SPU Manila launched its SHS Program in 2014 per Rhoda Reyes, Overall Chair of the SPUM’s HOPE (Hope of Paulinian Education).  Similarly the other 38 campuses of St. Paul University are also offering or are working to ensure there are 11th and 12th grades for Paulinians by June 2016, the required deadline for all schools to comply. 


 “I look forward to working closely with you for making Paulinian education for all!” said Sister Rosanne Milillin, President of St. Paul University.


Sister Aileen explained that there are four tracks in the SHS Program:  STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), humanities and social sciences, accounting and business management, and general academic including arts, design, sports, technology and livelihood tracks. 


While St. Paul continues to offer 11th and 12th grade schooling to its present high school students, the institution also seeks to recruit public school students who seek to complete their secondary education at St. Paul.  Through our alumnae’s support of education, SPMA USA invites Paulinians in America to extend support of St. Paul’s Senior High School Program. 


Rhoda Reyes said, “I am inviting Paulinians, friends, relatives and associates to support a SHS Scholar!”


Public school students would be awarded government voucher providing financial assistance paid directly to the school.  Unfortunately the government voucher does not completely cover costs.  St. Paul at this time would shoulder the difference unless there are sponsors to cover the costs.  In the case of SPU Manila, free lunch is offered and sponsors cover uniforms.  Both SPU Manila and Surigao have launched fundraising campaigns to fund Senior High School,


Still some of the students miss classes because they do not have the means for transportation at times or they prioritize their short term jobs as laundry women, waiters/waitresses, janitors/janitress or the like.


 “Like St. Paul, our Patron, let us be daring,” said Sister Rosanne, “and together bring the Good News for ALL!” 


Scholars of St. Paul  Part Deux












Marjiemae LorenzoSr. Evangeline Anastacio SPC,

President of SPU Manila, and  Danielle Bombita 


Danielle Bombita and Marjiemae Lorenzo are two scholars at St. Paul University Manila who have made it in the Top Top 5 in the Search for the Outstanding Paulinians 2016.  They are two of many deserving students who benefited from St. Paul’s financial aid program.  St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA, is committed in supporting the scholarship program of SPUM through our Alumnae’s Fleur-de-Lis Fund.


In recent years, more than 120 college students received education support at SPUM. They were granted scholarships or worked as student assistants. These scholars, on scholarship or student assistants, were enrolled in bachelors program majoring in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Music Education, Psychology, Business Administration, Accounting, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Mass Communication and Tourism. 


Danielle Gem Bombita -

“Teachers at St. Paul are really amazing.”


In addition to being one of the Top Five in the Search for

the Outstanding Paulinians 2016, he was awarded as one

of the 10 Outstanding Collegiate Students of Manila given

by the City of Manila during its 444th founding anniversary.




20 year old Danielle Gem Bombita’s major at St. Paul University is Special Education.  “I selected this major because I realized that I have the passion in teaching,” he said, “The reason why Special Education is because I want something new, something challenging unlike the traditional way of education.”


“Teachers at St. Paul are really amazing,” he said, “They are like fathers and mothers to us. They consider us as their children. They are teaching very well and we are like a family in the class.  My classmates are definitely my siblings.


Relating how he ended up at St. Paul, “My aunt was working before in SPU Manila and she was assigned in the Registrar’s Office. She’s the one who introduce St. Paul Manila to me. She told me to try St. Paul and choose a course that will fit to me.”


He acknowledged that he would not have been able to study at St. Paul without the assistance of the scholarship program.  “The financial aid is a great help to me.” 


 “I would like to work in any St. Paul school,”  he said, “I should work in any St. Paul schools for 2 years. I would prefer to work in St. Paul Parañaque since I live near the school.  But given a chance, I would also like to teach in my alma mater, St. Andrew’s School.”


Danielle grew up in Paranaque City where he studied at St. Andrew’s School. His mother, a nursing attendant, is Ma. Gemma Bombita – Mendoza and his step father is Nestor Mendoza.  He is also an active parish worker in the Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew at Paranaque, where he serves as Coordinator of the Ministry of Altar Servers.


“My mother is my inspiration,” Danielle said, “I know that she believes in my capabilities and she loves me so much. She’s looking forward in my studies and she invested a lot in me. She sacrificed a lot and never gave up in her work. I’m doing this for her and I love her very much.”

Mary Marjiemae A. Lorenzo

“I am really blessed and grateful to be

part of the scholarship aid program.”


“It is an honor for me to study in St. Paul and taking up the

Bachelor in Psychology. I am really thankful for the good

foundation we have, our curriculum, activities and professors

that devote themselves for giving us a good quality of education.”



Mary Marjiemae A. Lorenzo is a Psychology major.  “Ever since I was a child, I am fanatic on movies and books that deals with behavioral disturbances,” she explained, “I am curious about how and why they possess such actions. Actually my favorite movie that deals with it is the Girl Interrupted by Angelina Jolie where she has a bipolar disorder.”


After the completion of her studies, she would like to work with a private institution that caters counseling or debriefing practices for those people who have been abused or experienced tragic phenomen


Her most memorable successful time in St. Paul was when she became part of the student government body. “I had a chance to participate and be part of the volunteer group that helps, not only the University in handling different activities, but also those people in need,” she said, “We had numerous outreach programs from different sectors starting preschooler to elderly. I am grateful and blessed to be part of this kind of movement.”


She confided that her parents would not have enough income to afford the finances needed to study at St. Paul. “That’s why I am really blessed and grateful to be part of scholarship aid program,” she said.   


Marjiemae’s family is from Palawan, she grew up in Metro Manila.  She studied at Daniel Fajardo Elementary School, Las Piñas City and Daniel Fajardo Elementary School, Las Piñas City.  21 years old, she lives with her parents Ma. Lourdes A. Lorenzo and Dominador P. Lorenzo, Jr.


Citing her father as the major inspiration in her life, “He is a kind of person that is always curious about certain things and tries to figure out how to fix or deal with it. He is a big fan of science, in fact he loves watching National Geographic and he constantly retells all the information he got from the station. I admire him for expanding his knowledge and experiences even in his small way, and trying to share it to others.   He believes that little facts should not be impaired but rather be voiced out to inform society about what’s really happening to their environment. He is not afraid to take risks and learn from it.”



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