Pauline Polar Plunge 2017

Warm Embrace for SHS Students

On Sunday Jan l, 2017, Marilyn Abalos broke her record time in the frigid waters with a 9 minute stay. She braved the cold waters of Coney Island Beach, New York on New Year’s Day to raise funds for St. Paul University. Joining the hundreds of Polar Bears and dozens of Penguins, Marilyn continued her tradition of kicking off the New Year in support of her alma mater in Atlantic surf of New York.


“I continue to promote and raise funds for St. Paul thru the Alumnae’s Fleur-de-Lis Fund,” said Marilyn, “which will support education scholarships, St. Paul Music Therapy Center and community projects. St. Paul is worth coming out again to Coney Island.”

“The ocean was like an old friend greeting me,” said Marilyn who did not seem to “suffer” the icy needles which once penetrated her feet in 2015 on a freezing 29 degree day. This year after the initial jolt in the water, she described the water as a gentle warm embrace – knowing that her escapade would enable students at St. Paul.


A new feature of the Pauline Polar Plunge was from Paulinians Lily Gamboa O’Boyle, Lydia Boston Ilomin, Desiree Gilman, Marite Moreno Vella and Cora Yabut Custodio who matched the donations.  The matching funds were given to St. Paul’s Senior High School (SHS) Program providing financial assistance to public high school seniors participating in the 12th grade program at St. Paul.


For more info about the Senior High School Program, visit the Caritas Page. (Link)

On January 25th, St. Paul’s Feast Day, SPMA USA Chair, visited St. Paul Manila Campus and presented to SPUM President Sister Evangeline a check for the SPUM’s Senior High School Program, funding 2 scholarships for the year.  Also attending the meeting in the President’s Office were Marionette Ocampo Martinez, SPUM Alumni Office, and Sherry Lara Alingod, President of St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation Inc.

Sister Evangeline expressed appreciation of the work SPMA USA has done for St. Paul.  She cited the importance of enabling high school students to complete 12 years of schooling.  

Marilyn Abalos at a formal meeting with Sr Evangeline, President of St Paul University Manila where she presented a SPMA USA check to fund two scholars in the Senior Shigh School Program.  Left to right: Sr. Annunciata and Sr. Evengeline, Marionette Ocampo Martinez, Sherry Lara alingod and Marilyn Abalos.