Pauline Polar Plunge 2016


On January 1st 2015, I took the plunge into the freezing waters at Coney Island, NY to raise funds for my alma mater – St. Paul (SPCM) to support scholarships for students in need through St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA. I dipped into the frigid ocean for 2:34 minutes. It was so cold and I truly learned the meaning of “ice needles!” See ABS CBN’s 2015 coverage of my “Freezin’ for a Reason.”!blank/cxvw


On New Year’s Day 2016, once again I will join the hundreds of polar bears and dozens of penguins to continue to support St. Paul. Dollars raised for our Fleur-de-Lis Fund help make sure that no student at St. Paul is left out in the cold with no education, no opportunities for a better life.


I invite and challenge my friends and colleagues to join me in dipping for dollars for your own schools into the frigid Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s Day. So what if we get a little bit cold – a little bit wet. St. Paul has kept my head above water and warmed my heart!


For $25 entrance fee, you too can take the Pauline Polar Plunge with me! If you cannot swim for bucks with me – please donate $10 per minute or $100 per minute  – I will be thrilled to dip for dollars, freeze for a reason, and chill for caritas in the ice-cold sea for St. Paul. -- Marilyn Abalos