SPCM in NYC - Perfectly Beautiful





On the weekend of Jan. 25, 2015, seven demure members of St. Paul College of Manila Class of 1969 met for a short meeting, a quiet get-together and celebrate birthdays in a small and serene town called NEW YORK CITY! Oh, we did the usual things like check-in at the Hilton for our stay; take the limo to Bocca for dinner, followed by entertainment of the music of Carol King on Broadway, Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and lunch at the Plaza. Well you know, just ordinary things like that. Yeah Right!  Nothing was quiet, simple, ordinary.  It was funtastigorically exciting, invigorating, enjoyable, stimulating, and unforgettable.  The two days of fun and friendship together with the noble task of discussing the future plans for our beloved high school was truly an incredible experience.  My sincerest gratitude goes to our National Chair Marilyn Abalos, Co-Chair Patsy Schultz, and Treasurer Nieva Burdick for graciously and tirelessly hosting the event, to Carol del Gallego-Limjoco, who flew in from California, Louie Atienza-Naing, who drove to NYC from Baltimore for her extreme generosity, and Secretary Consuelo Babula, who came in from New Jersey.  Thank you for including me in this remarkable event.  It was simply PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL - Maripaz Calero.