Stroke patient Vilma Almendras​ with Monette Martinez,

Sherry Alingod and Baby Gumaru-Sarmenta.


The St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation and SPUM Alumni Office visits Paulinian inmates at the Women’s Correctional in Mandaluyong several times a year. Led by Sherry Alingod, President of SPMAFI, Monette Ocampo Martinez of SPUM Alumni Office, and a number of alumni visit Paulinians incarcerated in the prison facility.  The Paulinians in Prison is one of the community projects which SPMA USA supports through the Alumnae’s Fleur-de-Lis Fund.  This gift of love is an ongoing program of St. Paul University. 


There are currently 18 Paulinians in the Mandaluyong prison.  They are graduates of commerce, education and nursing programs from various St. Paul campuses including Manila, QC, Makati, Tuguegarao, Ilocos Sur, Dumaguete and Bulacan.  They are young and of senior age.  There is one “adopted” Paulinian, who is the niece of an alumna, added to the fold.  She was a budding starlet but had the misfortune of getting into the wrong crowd and dealt in drugs. 


For several years now, Ms. Alingod, Ms. Martinez and the alumni bring food, sundries and good company to these women. In addition, SPUMFI also funds their medicine for various ailments like Cancer and laboratory needs.  READ MORE...