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St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA is a 501c3 membership organization available to Paulinians and friends whose support provides sustainability to help us meet our mission and achieve our goals. Our mission is to connect with Paulinians, build an alumni community in the US and Europe, and to provide financial support for St. Paul University, its projects and community programs in the Philippines. Connect - Community - Caritas!


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Expand your network of Paulinians and friends of St. Paul

Bond at social meet ups

Associate with business interests

Increase social media networks



Share news about Paulinians and friends of St. Paul

Provide personal and professional development

Receive discounts from business and community partners

Participate in SPMA USA programs and events



Support education programs of St. Paul and SPMAFI and community projects in the Philippines

Make available resources to alumnae members in times of personal emergencies as needed 


Annual membership dues are $25.00 while lifetime membership is $250.00.  Please click the link below to join us. 








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St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA, Inc. 


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