Paulinian Charo Santos Concio, ABS CBN President, visited Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms at Asia Society in New York last November. She was welcomed by Paulinians Nina Capistrano Baker and Marilyn Abalos.  Nina Capistrano Baker, Co-Curator of the Exhibition, provided a guided tour for Charo and Philippine film star Piolo Pascual of the 120 piece collection of Pre-Hispanic gold on loan from the Ayala Museum in Manila.  They were received by Tom Nagorski, Executive Vice President of Asia Society, and Marilyn Abalos and other members of the Philippine Gold Benefit Committee.


Charo took pride to learn that Nina, who played a major role in the creation of the Philippine Gold Exhibition, was from St. Paul Manila (HS 70).  She was especially pleased when she met with Marilyn to discuss St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA.  She expressed encouragement that SPMA USA was “very active” and wanted to learn more about the Alumnae’s programs. 


Charo was in New York as Gala Chair for the 43rd International Emmy Awards in New York City in Nov. She presided over this year's Gala wherein the International Academy will recognize excellence in television. Piolo Pascual was a presenter at the International Emmy Awards. 


Charo modestly expressed appreciation for the great honor to chair the Gala of the International Emmy Awards.  There being only three other Asians to chair these awards, it was especially pleasing to bring the Philippines to the forefront as Gala Chair she said. She also cited that a number of outstanding films from the Philippines have been selected to be presented at various international film festivals -- a growing trend that brings the best of Filipino film to the world screens. 


The 43rd International Emmy® Awards Gala event was attended by over 1000 international television professionals and hosted by Egyptian Comedian Bassem Youssef at the New York Hilton.  Charo made history by serving as the first Filipino to chair the International Emmy Awards Gala. 


In Charo’s welcome speech she said, “Television is the next best thing to meeting people and races in the flesh. When we get to know them more intimately, we begin to care about people and things that would otherwise be mere statistics.  We begin to care about other people’s quest for love, pursuit of dreams, cry for justice, celebration of triumph, or struggle for survival. The more we care, the less we fight.”


“During dark days of terror, we come together in prayer. So, the world, far from falling apart, is even inspired to unite. There will be fewer barriers between territories as we continue to erase the boundaries between platforms, devices and screens…So, in all the years to come, I will continue to admire the International  Emmys for keeping television as the world’s meeting place.”


“The Philippines is not yet a major player in the market, but many of our shows have been warmly welcomed in several territories, partly because, now, more than ever, we are thriving in a globalized environment.  We are grateful that through our content, we can show the world the real wealth of our country. These are our strong family values and our resilience as a people. We see no better way of achieving it than through television.”


“Television is a universal art form that transcends cultures, languages and borders,” said International Academy President Bruce L. Paisner. “In light of recent terrible events, the International Academy is particularly proud to congratulate all of the winners- among which 3 from France- for shining a global spotlight on their cultural heritage with the Emmy.”




L-R: Nina Capistrano Baker, Piolo Pascual, Charon Santos Concio and Marilyn Abalos..

Left Photo: Gala Chair Charo Santos Concio welcoming guests at the International Emmy Awards in NYC.  Right Photo: Nina Capistranot Baker talking about pre-Hispanic goldsmithing artistry of the Philippine Gold Exhibition.