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Your gift benefits the Fleur-de-Lis Fund whose support includes education scholarships. St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA is a 5013c charitable organization.

$25 – Pauline, Adoption Certificate, Scholars Card

$75 – Pauline, Adoption Certificate, Scholars Card, Alumnae B&W Scarf

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Senior High School  Scholar

Support Paulinian Education!

Did you know that the Philippines is the last country in Asia and only one of 3 countries in the world who still has a 10 year elementary and secondary school cycles?  The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 has mandated all schools in the Philippines to offer 12 years of schooling in order to provide quality education that is globally competitive at par with international standards as well as expand high school education for college preparation, vocational and technical career opportunities. 


In 2013-14, St. Paul University Surigao piloted the Senior High School Program to comply with recent education reform to improve schooling in the Philippines, said Sister Aileen, SHS Director of SPU Surigao.  SPU Manila launched its SHS Program in 2014 per Rhoda Reyes, Overall Chair of the SPUM’s HOPE (Hope of Paulinian Education).  Similarly the other 38 campuses of St. Paul University are also offering or are working to ensure there are 11th and 12th grades for Paulinians by June 2016, the required deadline for all schools to comply. 


 “I look forward to working closely with you for making Paulinian education for all!” said Sister Rosanne Milillin, President of St. Paul University.


Sister Aileen explained that there are four tracks in the SHS Program:  STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), humanities and social sciences, accounting and business management, and general academic including arts, design, sports, technology and livelihood tracks. 


While St. Paul continues to offer 11th and 12th grade schooling to its present high school students, the institution also seeks to recruit public school students who seek to complete their secondary education at St. Paul.  Through our alumnae’s support of education, SPMA USA invites Paulinians in America to extend support of St. Paul’s Senior High School Program. 


Rhoda Reyes said, “I am inviting Paulinians, friends, relatives and associates to support a SHS Scholar!”


Public school students would be awarded government voucher providing financial assistance paid directly to the school.  Unfortunately the government voucher does not completely cover costs.  St. Paul at this time would shoulder the difference unless there are sponsors to cover the costs.  In the case of SPU Manila, free lunch is offered and sponsors cover uniforms.  Both SPU Manila and Surigao have launched fundraising campaigns to fund Senior High School,


Still some of the students miss classes because they do not have the means for transportation at times or they prioritize their short term jobs as laundry women, waiters/waitresses, janitors/janitress or the like.


 “Like St. Paul, our Patron, let us be daring,” said Sister Rosanne, “and together bring the Good News for ALL!” 



Fleur-De-Lis Fund

Donations from alumnae, family, friends and donors play a vital role in sustaining St. Paul University.  Created by St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA (SPMA USA), the Fleur-De-Lis Fund allows everyone - no matter his/her means, no matter the size of the gift - the opporutnity to give to St. Paul University through SPMA.  Gifts to the Fleur-De-Lis Fund would support education programs of St. Paul Univeristy, and St. Paul's Alumnae Foundations, as well as provide various services to communities in the Philippines and the Mere Monique Home (home care for elderly and aging nuns). 



Student Financial Assistance Program - To support scholarships of deserving and financially challenged students.


Adopt Senior High School Students - St. Paul has opened its Senior High School Department to private and public basic education pupils to enable students to complete secondary education;


Student aides - To help maintain student scholars who work as student aides working at the SPMAFI Office.



COMMUNITY SERVICE:  The Fleur-de-lis Fund also supports community programs which would help with healthcare, small business and even correctional rehabilitation. 


Music Therapy Center - Given the history and legacy of Fr. James Reuter, an indelible influence at St. Paul in education and musical theater, the Alumnae supports SPUM’s Music Therapy Center.  Music therapy is an allied health profession and one of the expressive therapies, consisting of a process in which a music therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients improve their physical and mental health.  To assist in the acquisition of equipment for the Music Therapy Center; to support the operation of the Center through the College of Music and the Performing Arts (CMPA) by holding free Music Therapy Sessions for professionals, parents, students and those interested in music therapy. 


Adopt-a-Community Program - Adopt a community and create a livelihood program which would allow for skills training, basic bookkeeping and marketing, and cooperate development.


Correctional Rehabilitation Support – To provide assistance to 15 incarcerated women in correctional facilities – alumnae of St. Paul schools in Metro Manila, in the provinces or affiliated St. Paul schools.  Through financial, in-kind contributions and moral support, including help with their health concerns, such as hospitalization, emergencies and medical check-ups, supplementing their meager rations of bath soap, shampoo and other sundries, as well as help in marketing their crafts and regular visits.





Fleur-De-Lis Fund

Donor List  

(as of 5/31/18)




Marilyn Abalos

Maripaz Calero

Techie Ignacio Gonzalvo

Louie Atienza Naing

Patsy Santiago Schultz




($251 - $1200)

Maniya Barredo

Elizabeth Cruz Bensa

Carmela Dinglasan Chiu

Cora Custodio

Sylvia Lavadia Javier

Loida Nicolas Lewis

Winnie Abaya Morgan

Lily Gamboa O'Boyle



($26 - $250)

Judi Carr Achete

Jeanine Acquart

Sherry Lara Alingod

Ninez Arreglado

Consuelo Babula

Debra Bachi

Rebecca Baron

Marilyn Garcia Bautista

Estelle Blush

Amma Brown

Elisa Bueno

Stefania Calis

Sonia Callejo

Melanie Carbone

M. Casenas

Lourdes Clark

Corasia Custodio

Marietta de Perio

Tess De Vega

Jing Doran

Rita Edwards

Mary Anne Egan

Alex Esteban

Joleyn Fajardo

Maria Fasulo

Jane Singson Fields

Joan Firestone

Luisa Gabaya

Jazmin Gaite

Madeleine Gallagher

Desiree Gilman

Natatia Griffith

Myrna Guia Guttierrez

Mary Ann Hillman

Carole Hyatt

Soledad Ilagan

Lydia Boston Ilomin

Estrellita Jamill

JS Productions

Joy Karaan

Judith Kasen-Windsor

Catherine Siazon Leviste

Grace Perez Lirio

Laura Lopez

Betsy Malcolm

Myrna Manansala

Virna Lisa Mananzan

Maria Maralit

Monette Ocampo Martinez

Frances R. Maylad

Marcelita Milliar

Amelia Monahan

Rose Montano

Mila Monteverde

Liliana Narbone

Annette Asunsion O'Neill

Linda Palazzotti

Nelsie Parrada

Pauline Agatep Co

Linda Pelayo

Alicia Pilapil

Marie Ramirez

Patty Roldan

Nenette Ballon Shlasko

Flor Siazon

Leila Dizon Sumulong

Rebecca M. Tiongson

David Turley

Maria Ugalino

Clarissa Valdez

Marite Moreno Vella



($1 - $25)

Ursula Abalos

Ramona Ancelo

Mary Jane Aquino

Agnes Arante

Faith Astrada

Maria Banatao

Vicky Baxa

Betty Ann Quirino

Melissa Cayco

Terri Cook

Angie Cruz

Josie Demonteverde

Cecelia Dowd

Teri Eisner

Millie Gonzalez

Marcelia Hicks

Britni Jackson

Jimmy Javier

Dinggay La'O

Evangeline Ledesma

Lauren Logiudice

Eileen Magno

Tess Cuevas Mallari

Vanessa Manzano

Maureen McLennon

Rose Murjani

Juliet Payabyab

Valerie Perez

Marichu Querubin

Yolanda Quizon

Vitaliano Rafael

Lorenza Valencia Ross

Dawn Rowen

Sylvia Salvador

Mimi Samson

Katherine Siazon

Odelia Tablit

Velma Taboada

Erlinda Tobias

Lynette Valencia