Benefits for our Paulinian Community would include:

Share news about Paulinians and friends of St. Paul

Provide personal and professional development

Receive discounts from business and community partners

Participate in SPMA USA programs and events


Would you like to help plan a reunion, serve on a committee, organize an event, help to increase support for SPMA USA's Fluer-de-Lis Fund, or share with others your St. Paul experience? These and many other opportunities are available to you. Tell us a bit about yourself - and we'll do our best to match you with the volunteer offering that best fits your interests and availability.  We are a Community!



Committees You Can Join:


FUNDRAISING: Plan and organize fundraising activities, including solicit individual donations, hold special events, seek sponsors and grants


MARKETING & COMMUNICATION: Develop marketing, branding and communications plan, create collateral and content, administer website and social media and maintain newsletter


MEMBERSHIP: Reach out to classmates, retain membership, conduct special membership drives and events, and identify member benefits and services


PROGRAMS AND SPECIAL PROJECTS: Identify and review University needs and programs and community projects in the Philippines



If you would like to join a committee, complete the Membership Form on Connect Page.