Freezin' for a Reason



It was 27 degrees this morning, January 1, 2015 when I got up at 730AM. By the time I arrived at Coney Is at 12Noon, it was 34 degrees – a wonderful consolation knowing that I would be exposed to the elements within the hour.  With a surfer’s wetsuit, fisherman’s tabby shoes, diver’s gloves, green mix woolen winter hat and a gold yellow sarong, I took the plunge and joined the hundreds of Polar Bears and dozens of Penguins in Coney Island on New Year’s Day to raise funds for St. Paul.  I learned that day the meaning of “ice needles” once I dipped into the freezing water.


I had actually planned to pray the rosary whilst in the frigid Atlantic.  My thinking was that each decade of the rosary would take about 1 minute.  (I did complete the rosary sloshing in my tabbies away from the glacial deep back to our warm location on Mermaid Avenue.)

With icy fingers, I was able to slide and glide on my SmartPhone screen to see that several friends and colleagues had donated online to this New Year’s Day Pauline Polar Plunge.  I was indeed warmed by their support of my dedication, my effort and my freezing fun frolic!  -- Marilyn Abalos





Live telecast featuring National Chair Marilyn Abalos as she ushered in the start of the 2015 fundraising activity for St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA.  Ms. Abalos joined hundreds in the New Year’s Day Polar Plunge held in Coney Island, New York to raise funds for St. Paul through SPMAUSA for marginalized nuns and students in Manila.