Pauline, our St. Paul Doll, would like to join you for the Holidays!  She is our smiling face of Paulinian spirit of good will. 


Pauline continues to smile and chant our refrain:  "Connect-Community-Caritas!"


She is reaching out to you and friends of St. Paul to help build our community in the US and support St. Paul and community programs through our Fleur-de-Lis Fund. 


With your donation of $25, you can bring Pauline home for Christmas! 


Past scholarships have enabled Mariya to complete her studies in secondary education and allowed Jan Kevin to soar in music education.  Past support has helped start up the St. Paul Music Therapy Center where scores of children with disabilities are able to improve their lives with the sound of music.  There are many others who would benefit from the Fleur-de-Lis Fund.


Please bring Pauline’s beaming smile into your home for the Holidays -- knowing that you can also bring blessings and light to children and students and St. Paul.