Chair, Marilyn Abalos

Co-Chair, Patsy Santiago Schultz

Secretary, Maripaz Calero 

Treasurer, Nenette Ballon Shlasko



Leila Dizon Sumulong

Myrna Guia Gutierrez

Marite Moreno Vella


Sherry Alingod

Maria Banatao

Lolita Compas

Soledad Ilagan

Marionette Martinez

Lily Gamboa O'Boyle



  •  1911 - A training center for young Filipinas who wanted to become Sisters of St. Paul de Chartes was started.

  • 1912- The Kindergarten Department was opened and was named St. Paul Institution.

  • 1912-1940 - The school expanded and added Elementary, High School. and College Departments.

  • 1940 -  The school changed it's name to St. Paul College of Manila.

  • 1945 - SPCM was badly damaged during the Liberation of Manila.  Only the facade of the Chapel of the Crucified Christ remaind standing.

  • 1946 - The chapel was rebuilt.

  • 1957 - SPCM was accredited by the Philippine Accreditation Association of Schools Colleges and Universities (PAASCU).

  • 2004 - SPCM name was changed to St. Paul University Manila and became coed.

  • 2007 - The  Chapel was declared as a National Historical Site by the Philippine Historical Society.




St. Paul Alumnae USA (aka St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA Inc.) is a 501c3  not-for-profit organization formed in October, 2014 and governed by a board of directors.  We aim to lead Paulinians in connecting with each other and with St. Paul.  We celebrate the shared Paulinian experiences that bring us together, and we strive to make a difference for our school and for each other.






To connect with Paulinians and build an alumni community in the US and Europe, and to provide financial support for St. Paul University, its projects, and community programs in the Philippines.  Connect - Community - Caritas!




The Fleur-De-Lis Plan is a four year campaign to connect with classmates in the US and Europe and raise funds for Fleur-De-Lis Fund to the benefit of St. Paul University and community projects in the Philippines. 


Year III & IV (2017-18)  -  Assess progress of previous year’s  goals and adjust current year’s objectives accordingly, continue to engage alumnae in the US and Europe, review and adapt short term and long term fundraising initiatives, and continue to maintain relationships with the Fil Am community.

Year II (2016) -  Continue the ongoing Membership Drive and enhanced the alumnae programs. Promote the Fleur-De-Lis Campaign and manage short term and long term fundraising strategies. Enhance social media tools to effectively maintain marketing and communications for the Alumnae.  Manage stewardship of donors and supporters.  Maintain the familial relationship with the Filipino Community in the US and Europe.  Continue to expand outreach to community partners and appropriate government agencies.


Year I (2015) - Having established the Alumnae, we have launched our Membership Drive to engage alumnae in the US and Europe.  We have launched the Fleur-De-Lis Campaign to promote support of education scholarships, the St. Paul Music Therapy Center and community projects in the Philippines.  SPMA USA website, Facebook Page and Twitter accounts have been created to conduct marketing and communications efforts for the organization.  We maintain a congenial relationship with the Filipino Community in the US and Europe.  We continue to expand outreach to community partners and appropriate government agencies.