A Gift for Mother's Day















It’s Mother’s Day. We celebrate, honor and treat our mothers in many special ways in May. Today we launch the Mother’s Day Fleur-de-Lis Fund Campaign of St Paul Manila Alumnae USA.


There is a mother in the Philippines who would like very much for her child to pursue studies at St. Paul which would ensure a better life for her family. She is the farmer’s wife, the laundry woman, the store keeper, the office worker, the nurse. She is your mother, my mother, our mother who only wishes the best for her children. An ideal Mother’s Day gift would be to award her child a scholarship to St. Paul through our Mother’s Day Fleur-de-Lis Fund


In past years, my own mother supported the Ayala Foundation USA’s GILAS Program, building PC labs and connecting public high schools to the internet in the Philippines. Then she promoted PhilDev’sTxt2Teach to help 5th and 6th graders learn better through educational video clips on English, math and science via downloaded text messages. Now I continue her legacy to change lives in the Philippines through education. She cared! I care!


Education reform has mandated all schools in the Philippines to offer 12 years of schooling in order to provide quality education that is globally competitive at par with international standards as well as expand high school education for college preparation, vocational and technical career opportunities. While St. Paul continues to offer 11th and 12th grade schooling to its present high school students, our institiution also seeks to recruit public school students who wish to complete their secondary education at St. Paul.


Give a mother in the Philippines the gift of education this May month of mothers.  Support a SHS Scholar at St. Paul! High School and/or College. 



Please make your check out to:  St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA, Inc.  (Memo:  Fleur-De-Lis Fund)Mail to:  St. Paul Manila Alumnae, Inc., 4 Park Avenue, #16G, New York, NY 10016



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