We begin to our 3rd year as an alumni organization for Paulinians in the US and Europe.  We have made great strides in connecting with Paulinians in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arlington, and around the country.  We have formed a community of Paulinians from coast to coast in the United States.  It is truly heartwarming to know that we can leverage our growing numbers to support of St. Paul!  Connect – Community – Caritas! 


Highlights of 2016:


CONNECT:  We continue to connect with classmates in the US and Europe.  Present members and Paulinians are wonderful in linking classmates to our Alumnae. It is the personal one on one contact which is the most important connector!   We have nurtured a beneficial rapport with Monette Ocampo Martinez of the St. Paul University Manila’s Alumni Office and the St. Paul Manila Alumni Foundation Inc.  President Sherry Alingod.  Most appreciative is our newly established relationships with St. Paul University President, Sr. Rosanne, St. Paul Manila University President, Sr. Evangeline and Sr. Lilia Tolentino, Philippine Provincial Superior of St. Paul Sisters.  They are all a most valuable resource as we share alumni goals for St. Paul.  We also maintain a friendly and delightfulalliance with Jane Singson Fields, new President and the Global Paulinian Foundation, founded to support St. Paul’s Vigil House and other projects. 


COMMUNITY:  We continue to welcome new members to the Alumnae as we expand our community of Paulinians.  Membership is open to Paulinians from all campuses in the Philippines and batches.   


While members of SPMA USA provide sustainability to our alumni organization, we also wish to give back by offering benefits to members.  They would include: Share news about Paulinians and friends of St. Paul, Provide personal and professional development, Receive discounts from business and community partners, and Participate in SPMA USA programs and events.


We met up with various Paulinians at special events around the country.  Most significantly was the July tour of Ms. Monette and Ms. Sherry in California, New York and Virginia.  We were able to take advantage of the chance to meet and connect with more Paulinians and promote SPMA USA. 


SPMA USA, a member of the Philippine College and University Alumni Associations, participated in a Homecoming of 21 alumni associations from New York and the Northeast.  We were able to identify a number of Paulinians who either attended St. Paul in various campuses around the Philippines. 


CARITAS:  Our Fleur-de-Lis Campaign is an ongoing effort to raise funds for St. Paul.  The Board has dedicated the Fleur-de-Lis Fund to support education scholarships, St. Paul Music Therapy Center and community projects such as Women in Prison.  We will present a check of our donation at the 2019 Homecoming in St. Paul. After a special fundraiser, SPMA USA was able to award scholarship to two public high school seniors supporting SPUM’s Senior High School Program. 


Initiatives in 2016 of our Fleur-de-Lis Campaign include individual giving and special events.  We have appealed to Paulinians and friends for support.  As of this post, 66 donors (35% increase from 2015) gave in the following levels: 24 Silver Fleur-de-Lis, 37 Gold Fleur-de-Lis and 4 Diamond Fleur-de-Lis.  We are pleased to add one donor at the Platinum level whose contribution exceeded $1200. 


We maintain a number of special events to promote visibility and generate support for St. Paul.  They include the Pauline Polar Plunge where we joined the polar bears and penguins and dipped for dollars in the frigid Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s Day in Coney Island, NY.  Our Father James Reuter Theatre Series, designed to honor the legacy of Fr. Reuter’s contribution to theatre at St. Paul and the Philippines, is a special theatre night to benefit Fleur-de-Lis Fund including the St. Paul Music Therapy Center.  51% of funds raised were from individual donors while 49% were from special events.  We look forward to hosting a number of special events to support St. Paul. 


HISTORY:  Classmates met in June 2014 in NJ and began discussion about Class 69 Golden Anniversary in 2019.  After months of planning and conferring with classmates in Manila, we met in October 2014 in Los Angeles, CA to organize a group in the US to promote an alumni organization and support St. Paul.  We set up a Board to plan and manage programs and activities to achieve our mission.  Classmates in Manila also organized in December 2014 with a slate of officers and directors.  SPMA USA formally launched in January 2015 and is 501c3 tax exempt non profit organization.  Membership is currently made up of Paulinians from various St. Paul campuses and batches. 



SOCIAL MEDIA:  We maintain a website, facebook page and twitter account to continue to promote St. Paul and our alumnae.  Feel free to visit us.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Website:  www.spma-usa-inc.org

Facebook:  St. Paul Manila Alumnae USA

Twitter:  @stpaulalumnae

Email: spmausa@gmail.com


Once again, we are truly appreciative of our members, donors and friends of SPMA USA.  We extend special thank you and maraming salamat for their generosity of time, encouragement and financial support.  I would also like to personally acknowledge the Officers and Board of SPMA USA for their commitment and participation enabling the Alumnae to become an effective and empowering organization for Paulinians! 


“May the Paulinian spirit of solidarity and compassion prevail in the hearts of our Paulinian alumni,” said Sister Lilia Tolentino, Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in the Philippines. 


Please join us as we continue our work connecting with classmates, building a Paulinian community and supporting St. Paul.  Connect – Community – Caritas!



Marilyn Abalos,